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Why we started Pint Runners

We came up with the idea on a typical Saturday morning run. Virtual racing was picking up steam, and we couldn’t wrap our heads around the popularity. When we raced virtually, we found it lacking and just as costly as an in-person race. Our spur of the moment idea was to provide something that people can do virtually while also adding some perks – aside from a medal 😉

Since we both love running, cold beer and supporting local businesses, we thought that giving free or discounted beers to registrants would be a great incentive to get out and run a bit while also encouraging folks to return to the breweries that struggled during the pandemic.

We’re competitive runners, but we didn’t want to go that route with Pint Runners. In fact, here’s a little secret, you don’t need to run a step to get your beer vouchers. They’re available as soon as you register! Anyway, we wanted to have a community where participation was paramount. So, you earn points for completing the brewery run courses when they’re open, and you can tack on points for redeeming your vouchers at the local breweries. There are a few bonus points for running fast – we couldn’t help ourselves.

A few weeks after our app launched, we found a growing appetite from our Pint Runners for meetups and group runs. It lead to some fun evenings at Atlanta breweries with giveaways and raffles. That brings us to where we are now as we expand our virtual, and sometimes in-person, run club to a bunch of new markets for the fall, and many more in 2022!

Cheers! 🍻

Isaac Dunkelberger and Fred Campagna
Pint Runners Co-Founders

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