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I currently belong to a running club
I have experience leading or organizing group runs
I want to be a Pint Runners Ambassador in:
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Why do we select Ambassadors?

  • Pint Runners is a running club that meets periodically at different breweries for group runs and drinks
  • A Pint Runners membership gives you access to:
    • Perks redeemable at local breweries
    • Access to exclusive challenges and races
    • Custom swag and chances to win giveaways
  • We are choosing Ambassadors to help expand to new cities with strong craft brewing & running communities

What are the Ambassador benefits?

Pint Runners offers Ambassadors the following financial benefits to Ambassadors:

  1. Tab stipend: Credit to be used toward bar tab at partner brewery
  2. Benefits for friends: 5 free registrations each year to gift to friends
  3. Swag stipend: Annual swag stipend to purchase Pint Runners apparel
  4. Lifetime entry: Complimentary entry into future Pint Runners series for life
  5. Placement bonus: $50 for placing a new Ambassador if you step down*

Being a Pint Runners Ambassador also offers the following non-financial benefits:

  • Networking: Opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks
  • Flexibility: Create a local club that works best with your leadership style

*In order to be eligible for the $50 placement bonus, Pint Runners must first approve the replacement Ambassador

What do we ask from Ambassadors?

Maintaining flexibility allows Ambassadors to lead local clubs that fit their style

That said, we do have a few requirements that all Ambassadors must follow:

  1. Promote an inclusive environment regardless of race, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, or fitness level
  2. Organize and lead a group run once a month at one of our partner breweries
  3. Take photos/video of the group during the monthly outing for social media
  4. Commit to Pint Runners Ambassadorship on at least a quarterly basis(*)

*If an Ambassador plans to vacate the position, Pint Runners requests they give 2 mos. notice in order to find a suitable replacement