We Want to Hear About You!

I currently belong to a running club
I have experience leading or organizing group runs
I want to be a Pint Runners Ambassador in:

What do we ask from Ambassadors?

Maintaining flexibility allows Ambassadors to lead local clubs that fit their style

That said, we do have a few requirements that all Ambassadors must follow:

  1. Promote an inclusive environment regardless of race, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, or fitness level
  2. Organize and lead a group run once a month at any taproom you choose.
  3. Take photos/video of the group during the monthly outing for social media
  4. Commit to Pint Runners Ambassadorship on at least a quarterly basis(*)

*If an Ambassador plans to vacate the position, Pint Runners requests they give 2 mos. notice in order to find a suitable replacement